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[RELEASED] Monxla (HES2012)

This wargame was introduced at the Hackito Ergo Sum (HES) 2012 conference in Paris and is centered around the fictitious Russian crime family Nasenko.

As of November 2012, the Monxla game has been released to the public and can be downloaded at http://images.overthewire.org/Monxla - OverTheWire Wargame.iso

The following instructions are also included on the livecd:

--- OverTheWire's Monxla wargame, released November 2012 --- 

1. Introduction

The story around this wargame is centered around the fictitious Russian 
crime family Nasenko. You play the role of agent Hipnkewl who received
the following letter:

	Hello agent Hipnkewl,

	As head of the cybercrime-fighting unit of the best three-letter agency
	in the world, I welcome you to the team.

	To demonstrate your skills to the rest of team, we have prepared your
	first assignment.

	The russian Nasenko family has decided to become a crime family. Being
	hip and trendy, they have figured out that an online presence is a must 
	in today's world. They have set up a server where they are testing and 
	developing the best and latest cybercrime tools. What they don't know, 
	is that we have already infiltrated their business and have a mole 
	inside their organisation.

	Your job is to locate the information hidden by the mole and use it to 
	take down the Nasenko server. Details about the location of this server 
	will be transmitted once the mission is a go.

	God speed, make us proud!

	Director A.F.

2. How to play ?

First, download the wargame live CD because it is intended to run locally.
Create a new virtual machine and boot from the live CD The game is based on Ubuntu, 
so any virtual hardware supported by Ubuntu should be fine in your virtualization environment.

Once booted, you can use SSH to login to monxla. For maintenance reasons, there is an account 
'otw' with password 'otw' with sudo rights to get a root account. This maintenance account is
not part of the wargame and should not be used when playing the wargame fairly.

Monxla's network settings are configured through DHCP. Log in as user otw and use sudo to
find out monxla's assigned IP address to start the game. Alternatively, you may wish to
configure your local DHCP server so that monxla receives a fixed IP address.

To start the game, visit monxla with your webbrowser. Hint: how big is the page you are looking at?

3. Contact information

For information regarding this wargame, find us at http://www.overthewire.org or through
IRC on irc.overthewire.org, channel #social
The OverTheWire community offers more wargames and resources for you to explore.

4. History of this wargame

This wargame was reachable on monxla.labs.overthewire.org.

Originally, this wargame was created for the Hackito Ergo Sum 2012 conference in Paris,
which was held from April 12th to April 14th 2012. Afterwards, the wargame was opened up
to any player.

5. References